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Immediate access to all lessons. Work at your own pace! | taught by Max Timm

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Go beyond the basics of screenwriting, forget all of the fancy vocabulary, and let's get your script finished!

Receive immediate access to all lessons, lectures, and audio, and the material provided within this full development screenwriting course will help you build your script, one step at a time. This course allows you to work at your own pace and finish a script in less than 12 weeks! You can start and finish whenever you like.

It's like purchasing an online instructional e-book with audio lectures, lessons, and assignments!

Presented as online version of the live Class and Workshop hosted by Max Timm in Los Angeles, this course was inspired by his popular writing podcast, The Craft, and will offer you exclusive podcast episodes only online class writers will receive.
So jump in and get ready to write!

With the amount of material that is covered in this course, you will not find a more inexpensive course on screenwriting that offers as much as The Craft Course. The International Screenwriters' Association takes pride in offering services to writers without breaking the bank. Take advantage of what is offered here and we promise you will come away with a stronger draft of your script had you tried to go this route alone.

Looking for a course with instructor feedback? Interested in being evaluated for the ISA Development Program? Check out The Craft Course with Support and the Development Program Evaluation.

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Max Timm
Max Timm

Max Timm is the Director of Community Outreach with the International Screenwriters’ Association, and has over a decade of experience not only as an instructor, but in developing projects and supporting thousands of writers from A-list to novice.

His focus with the ISA is to build a creative community and bring ISA writers closer to Industry Professionals, i.e. producers, managers, and agents. Recently he has helped build a development program with the ISA, submitting writers’ projects on their behalf and helping them launch their careers – eight writers received options and representation in the past year because of Max’s assistance and support.

A development consultant and screenwriting instructor, Max is also a screenwriter and published author. His debut novel, a young adult fantasy adventure titled The WishKeeper, about a teenage fairy with broken wings, won the young adult category of the 2015 Los Angeles Book Festival and can be found in all nationwide bookstores. Books Two and Three are slated for release in 2017 and 2018. Max has also served as a part-time instructor at UCLA, teaching high school students the history of film and television through their Summer Discovery Program.

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Course Curriculum

Week 1 - Voice, Loglines, and Establishing Your Project
Class Introduction - Getting Started
Voice, and Voice Pressure Points
Audio: Voice - Finding It, Evolving It, Embracing It
Assignment: Voice Pressure Points
The Logline - Yes, It's Extremely Important
Logline Breakdown Process
Audio: Logline Breakdown Process
Assignment: Write Your Loglines
Until Next Time
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Week 2 - Story Bullets & The Beginning of Structural Writing
Your Logline As A Loaded Gun
Your Hero and The Emotional Flaw
Audio: Your Hero & Emotional Flaw
The Secondary Helper (Supporting Character, Supporting the Hero’s Arc)
The Rival, Threat and/or Opponent
2nd Act Series of Obstacles
Sequence Writing and Prepping the 1st Act
Audio: Sequence Writing and Prepping The 1st Act
Assignments: 1st Act, and Character Set-Up
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Week 3 - Sequence Writing & Breaking Your Story From A Character Perspective
Where To Begin
The Villain, Rival, Opponent - Whatever He's Called! How is this Character Related to the Secondary Character?
An Easy Assignment...Just Listen!
Episode 1 of The Craft - Sequence 1 Breakdown - "We Need A Hero"
Episode 2 of The Craft - Sequence 2 Breakdown - "Setting It All Up"
Episode 3 of The Craft - Sequence 3 Breakdown - "The Unsung Hero"
Episode 6 of The Craft - "A Sidenote for the TV Writer"
Structural/Beat Breakdown and Outline
Assignments: Sequence Loglines
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Week 4 - Moment Listing & the 2nd Act
The 2nd Act, Moment By Moment
Audio: The 2nd Act, Moment By Moment
The Difference Between "Adventure" & "Journey"
Episode 4 of The Craft - Sequence 4 Breakdown. "The Promise of the Premise"
Episode 5 of The Craft - Sequence 5 Breakdown. "Success, Failure & the Villain"
Episode 7 of The Craft - Sequence 6 Breakdown - "The Mid-Point"
Moment Listing - Your Story Outline
Sequence Titles
Assignments: Writing Your Script in Outline Form
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Week 5 - The Downward Spiral - Delivering the End of Your 2nd Act
A Couple Disclaimers Before We Start
Leading Up To The Low Point
Episode 8 of The Craft - Sequence 7 Breakdown - "The Doomed Honeymoon"
Episode 9 of The Craft - Sequence 8 Breakdown - "Love, Conflict, and Losing It"
Episode 11 of The Craft - Sequence 9 Breakdown - "The Dark Night of The Soul"
The Point of A Scene
Audio: The Point of A Scene
Assignment: Continued Outline Writing
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Week 6 - And Now, For the 3rd Act...
Stating Theme and Your 3rd Act
Audio: Stating Theme and Your 3rd Act
Episode 12 of The Craft - Sequences 10 & 11 Breakdown - "Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me?"
Episode 14 of The Craft - Sequence 12 Breakdown - "It's Not About the Victory"
Scene #1 - Action/No Dialogue Example
Scene Example #1 - Arthur and the Parachute
Scene #2 - Reacting To The World
Scene Example #2 - Arthur and The Woods
Scene #3 - One Page Flaw Confrontation
Scene Example #3 - Arthur and the Girl
Answers: Where In The World Is Arthur?
Assignment: Still Going!
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Week 7 - Great Dialogue, Killer Action, and Proper Formatting
What Makes For Great Dialogue?
Audio: What Makes For Great Dialogue?
Proper Screenplay Format
Assignment: Page Writing - Finally!
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Week 8 – It's All Been Done - A Final Word and Summary
What Now? And What Should You Expect?
Episode 13 of The Craft - "A Note on Motivation - Is It All Worth It?"
Audio: Pursuing a Wish and Manifesting Success
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Week 9 - Script Deadline - Three Weeks from Today!
Deadline Reminder!
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Week 10 - Script Deadline - Two Weeks From Today!
You Have 336 Hours!
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Week 11 - Script Deadline - Final Week!
Deadline Deadline! Your Final Week
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Your Script Deadline is TODAY
The Time Is Now!
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