Max Timm

The Story Farm Personal Consulting & Script Development

Short-Term: Notes on your summary and logline. Long-Term: Weekly calls, emails, rewrite notes, coaching - includes The Craft Course and unlimited evaluations.

Max Timm & Felicity Wren

Development Program Evaluation

Evaluation, Full Notes & Consideration

Max Timm

The 30-Day Screenwriting Challenge - Unlimited

New and improved! Purchase to use at any time. Finish a script in 30 days with the help of the ISA and Max Timm's, The Story Farm.

Max Timm

The Craft Course - Online Only

Immediate access to all lessons. Work at your own pace!

Max Timm

The Craft Course - with Support & Evaluation

Personal consulting that paces you, one step at a time + weekly notes on assignments + full script evaluation from Max Timm